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So yeah, damn it’s been a minute or two….

Hi and hello! I’m in a fun little contest/job interview/man hunt thingy.

Basically the babes at The Wondercraft want to a pay a guy so they can drool all over him while he fixes things. I guess there is some kind of  craft making involved also. So I thought to myself, I could do that right? Well, maybe the fix things part. The only way they’re going to be drooling is if they have had way too much to drink.  Anyways, It would be pretty freaking great if you guys could help me out with some votes. Thanks!

Vote fo the silly bastard with the balloon.


Critters & Cretins!

I’ve been busting my ass the last couple of weeks after An Evening With Richard opened in Cincinnati to produce work for my next show Critters & Cretins. To be truthful, I’ve probably procrastinated and wasted more time than anything. Anyways, I’m creating shit to make people laugh and piss them off! I have some fun stuff floating around in by head for everyone so I hope to see you fuckers there! Opening on April Mother Fucking Fools Day! IndySwank!



Check it out! Check it out!

Two post in one week! Holy fucking shit!  But, only because I want something suckers!

So, go on over to indiana its over to find out what it is. You know you want to.

Oh, and like us on Facebook also…if you want…please…it would be nice…buddy old pal.


Yep Yep it’s up and running…well not really running. Fuck it, you know what I mean!

update overload!!!

One last massive look at what you can pick up at the I.H.E!

That’s just a small taste of what you will find!

A shit ton of fun and a whole lot of dirty words will be waiting for you!

Working on another dirty word coloring book…

Mamus Dirty word coloring book V2 : FUCKERS! The many wonderful uses of the fucking F-BOMB!


One of the pages with a little camera effects thrown in.

I’ll have both “DIRTY” and “CLEAN” version. So yeah fuckers, come get your copy on Saturday at the I.H.E.

Craft show sneak peek!


With the I.H.E. only a week away, I thought that I post some new stuff I’m working on. These guys are Formica sample tiles and polymer clay “paintings”.

I’ll be selling them cheap and giving some away as prizes! You’ll have to swing by the booth and play a carnival game win!