Artist Bio:

Colorful yet sometimes grimy creatures populate the work of Indiana born artist Mamus. His design sense has been created by the corn fields that surrounded him growing up, playing Sega & Nintendo video games, reading comic books during school and watching way too many low-budget horror movies with his family. While he has been mostly self-taught, there were a few scattered years of art school thrown in for shits and giggles. Mamus strives to free an ever-growing cast of characters from his head. His creations are born from a variety of mediums including paint, ceramic, polymer clay and junk. When he’s not contributing to group shows or doing solo exhibitions, his time is spent filling sketch pads with new monstrous bastards. Current projects include playing around with random objects found on street corners, discarded crap lying in thrift stores and random items floating in discount bins everywhere – basically, turning anything that can touch into one of the happy cursing creatures that occupy his head.