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So yeah, damn it’s been a minute or two….

Hi and hello! I’m in a fun little contest/job interview/man hunt thingy.

Basically the babes at The Wondercraft want to a pay a guy so they can drool all over him while he fixes things. I guess there is some kind of  craft making involved also. So I thought to myself, I could do that right? Well, maybe the fix things part. The only way they’re going to be drooling is if they have had way too much to drink.  Anyways, It would be pretty freaking great if you guys could help me out with some votes. Thanks!

Vote fo the silly bastard with the balloon.


Check it out! Check it out!

Two post in one week! Holy fucking shit!  But, only because I want something suckers!

So, go on over to indiana its over to find out what it is. You know you want to.

Oh, and like us on Facebook also…if you want…please…it would be nice…buddy old pal.