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So yeah, damn it’s been a minute or two….

Hi and hello! I’m in a fun little contest/job interview/man hunt thingy.

Basically the babes at The Wondercraft want to a pay a guy so they can drool all over him while he fixes things. I guess there is some kind of  craft making involved also. So I thought to myself, I could do that right? Well, maybe the fix things part. The only way they’re going to be drooling is if they have had way too much to drink.  Anyways, It would be pretty freaking great if you guys could help me out with some votes. Thanks!

Vote fo the silly bastard with the balloon.


Critters & Cretins!

I’ve been busting my ass the last couple of weeks after An Evening With Richard opened in Cincinnati to produce work for my next show Critters & Cretins. To be truthful, I’ve probably procrastinated and wasted more time than anything. Anyways, I’m creating shit to make people laugh and piss them off! I have some fun stuff floating around in by head for everyone so I hope to see you fuckers there! Opening on April Mother Fucking Fools Day! IndySwank!



Check it out! Check it out!

Two post in one week! Holy fucking shit!  But, only because I want something suckers!

So, go on over to indiana its over to find out what it is. You know you want to.

Oh, and like us on Facebook also…if you want…please…it would be nice…buddy old pal.

Lazy, yes I am…oh, and SHOWS!

So one of these days I’ll learn how to promote myself better and use this bloggy thing to its full potential. Untill then you get random and delayed spurts of gibberish. Sorry.


So anyways, I have some solo shows coming up soon!


First up on March 12th is “An Evening With Richard” at Fabricate in…uh…beautiful Cincinnati, OH. Seriously though, I’m super fucking excited about this show! The gallery space is awesome and the owners are super cool! The opening will be from 7-11pm and according to their website there will be a DJ (hopefully it’s not crappy music) and free booze (who cares if free booze is crappy). So, if you happen to be hanging out Cincy during the second Saturday in March swing by to say hello and whatnot. Oh, and it’s just a couple of days before by birthday also…you know, if that persuades you to stop in.














Second, is at IndySwank here in wonderful (sorry, kissing ass) Fountain Sq Indianapolis. This show opens on April 1st. Yep, that’s April motherfucking fools day! Oh, this will be fun! I’m planning all kinds of silly shit for unsuspecting suckers. The show isn’t titled yet but I’m thinking “Foolish F**kers”,  “Swanky Fools” or some other combination like that. It’ll probably come down to what I can get away with. I’ll let you know.

A piece from start to finish…

So, I fucking love it when artist whose work I enjoy share their creative process. I thought that I would let people in on how I create a piece. I’m probably not going to share any super secret techniques or anything…mostly because all this shit can be found online anyways. You do get to see how small things like faces and colors are worked out as I go along. Oh, and thank you Salvation Army for the cheap zebra mask, it was fucking perfect! Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This piece is in the Primary Colours TOYS show at Arts Council of Indianapolis new space Gallery 924. I’ll do a full write-up about the show sometime later this week.

So Much Crafty Stuff!!!

November is jam-packed full of craft show goodness!

Starting out the month on Nov. 5 from 5pm-10pm is the first ever Murphy Seasonal Bazaar in wonder Fountain Square Indianapolis. Coinciding with all the First Friday art events this should be a great way to get a jump-start on that holiday shopping…or to just pick up something awesome for yourself you greedy bastard.









Up next, the next day in fact, is the Bloomington Handmade Market. Running from 10am-5pm on the 6th and jam-packed full of awesome venders. This should be great for IU students that were too busy drinking on Friday night to make it up to Indy!







Rounding out the month is the amazingly awesome and downright stupendous Crafty Supermarket in beautiful* Cincinnati Ohio! Yep that’s right, all you Queen City folks can come hangout on the 20th and buy my crap or just point and laugh. Seriously, this will be a super show with a shit ton of other great vendors crammed into the really cool Clifton Cultural Arts Center. A little over a month till X-Mas…don’t you want to get some sweet handmade goodies for all your friends and family!








Click the images for more info.


Yep Yep it’s up and running…well not really running. Fuck it, you know what I mean!