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Critters & Cretins!

I’ve been busting my ass the last couple of weeks after An Evening With Richard opened in Cincinnati to produce work for my next show Critters & Cretins. To be truthful, I’ve probably procrastinated and wasted more time than anything. Anyways, I’m creating shit to make people laugh and piss them off! I have some fun stuff floating around in by head for everyone so I hope to see you fuckers there! Opening on April Mother Fucking Fools Day! IndySwank!





Yep Yep it’s up and running…well not really running. Fuck it, you know what I mean!

Craft show sneak peek!


With the I.H.E. only a week away, I thought that I post some new stuff I’m working on. These guys are Formica sample tiles and polymer clay “paintings”.

I’ll be selling them cheap and giving some away as prizes! You’ll have to swing by the booth and play a carnival game win!

More craftfair fun.

Coming up soon (Saturday June 12) I’ll be participating the great and wonderful INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. This will be the 3rd IHE that I’ve done. Tons of amazing crafty peoples from all over. If it’s anything like the others it’s sure to be a blast!  I’ll be outside sharing my booth with  oh, come on! Hit the images for more info on that.

Also going on at the Harrison Center that day will be the Independent Music and Arts Festival (IMAF). Hours and hours of local independent music…you know, if your in to that type of thing.  For all you more “traditional” art fair folk$, right across the road will be the Talbot Street art Fair.

So yeah, you should swing by and check this stuff out!

some new crafty stuff…

Things I’ve been working on over the winter.

Plaques, barrettes and brooches.

Look for these and more at some up coming craft fairs.

b.h.m. recap and holiday hoopla!

Did well at the Bloomington handmade market this past weekend. Got some nice feedback on the new things I’ve been working on and met some cool people. Thanks to everyone that came out. Extra thanks if you picked up something from my booth! Here’s some shots.

everyone loved these balls!

belt buckles, necklaces and other stuff

I will be part of the Holiday Hoopla Mini on Dec 4th if you didn’t make it out last weekend! I’ll have more x-mas monster balls and some other new stuff! Hot the image for more info.