So one of these days I’ll learn how to promote myself better and use this bloggy thing to its full potential. Untill then you get random and delayed spurts of gibberish. Sorry.


So anyways, I have some solo shows coming up soon!


First up on March 12th is “An Evening With Richard” at Fabricate in…uh…beautiful Cincinnati, OH. Seriously though, I’m super fucking excited about this show! The gallery space is awesome and the owners are super cool! The opening will be from 7-11pm and according to their website there will be a DJ (hopefully it’s not crappy music) and free booze (who cares if free booze is crappy). So, if you happen to be hanging out Cincy during the second Saturday in March swing by to say hello and whatnot. Oh, and it’s just a couple of days before by birthday also…you know, if that persuades you to stop in.














Second, is at IndySwank here in wonderful (sorry, kissing ass) Fountain Sq Indianapolis. This show opens on April 1st. Yep, that’s April motherfucking fools day! Oh, this will be fun! I’m planning all kinds of silly shit for unsuspecting suckers. The show isn’t titled yet but I’m thinking “Foolish F**kers”,  “Swanky Fools” or some other combination like that. It’ll probably come down to what I can get away with. I’ll let you know.